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How do I print my results?



  • Natalie Haire

    I was emailed a while ago stating that my results were being analyzed, but havent heard anything again?

  • Prbartels

    I have been waiting over 10 weeks for my results and get no response to my email inquiries either. This is frustrating!


  • Tracy Britten

    I have heard nothing "along the way" as the email telling me they received my sample over 8 weeks ago said I would.  Now I have been contacting Orig3 and they are not responding.  I have sent emails and a phone call.


  • Fernmcovey

    Just put in another request about my results. Not happy that my money is gone but my results are in limbo.

  • Emily Lalonde

    I am not happy with how my comment that I posted a while back is removed and still with no DNA results or response.

    This company has taken our money and our DNA.

  • Elizabeth tarter

    I still have no dna results and they have my money its been close to a year now my phone number is 4179427884 company needs to call ive sent them emails they send them back i have never received any phone calls I call 2 times talked to 2 men and embed a lady she says she can't reach me well they have my email and phone number please call me  i really want this resolved. 

  • Mcantrell

    I also have been waiting almost 3 months for my results.  We have paid and got NOTHING.  I have reached out 2 or 3 times and received no answer.  Its rude and unprofessional. 

  • Daneen Harger

    I too have been waiting 3 months for my results.  I have emailed with no response.  I have requested my money back and no response. I want this resolved. I have notified NOOM and let them know they should remove Orig3n from their website.  Very unprofessional.  

  • Keith Jeffrey Lee

    How can I review my DNA results. 


    Can find the outcome.



  • Juliet Bernard

     Sent samples in in March git am email today signed in and nothing there?



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